The New Eco Pack & Tag machine

PS-2/ES is our newest packaging machine using the IndES Elastic Staple Fastening System.

Compact, light-weight & affordable.

With a 30% increase in productivity and compact dimensions you can easily fit MINI STAR in every production line and make it the star of your tagging process.

First 100% biodegradable fasteners in the world

Avery Dennison presents ECOTACH, the biodegradable (bio-PP) fasteners thet meet the needs of manufacturers who want to reduce their environmental footprint.

Tag all socks in any thickness

PS-1/ULF is our best seller with a wide thickness range. Tag up to 75 mm thick packs of socks with ease.

The little tagging machine that could

PS-1/SAM is our light-weight tagging machine capable of doing all the big boy's tasks.

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TAGSON produces suistanable solutions for packaging and tagging industry.

Tagson’s main goal is to provide our customers with different solutions for tagging or packaging process by increasing productivity, reducing plastic packaging waste by 99%, reducing CO2 emissions and water use and taking care of your employees health during tagging or packaging process.

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Tagson awarded with Platinum Creditworthiness AAA

We are proud to inform you that our company STULAR PLUS & department Tagson got highest PLATINUM CERTIFICATE AAA reward by Dun & Bradstreet for year 2022. Well trusted company with financial responsibility, growth, creditworthiness is one reason more why doing business with us.

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Taxes on single-use plastic packaging starts 2023

The European Union has introduced a “plastic tax” as part of the EU recovery package necessitated. Reduce plastic packaging weight with our sustainable machines and avoid new incoming taxes for single use plastic packaging.


Sustainability is not just a word

Tagson strives to develope products that reduce plastic packaging waste by 99%, reduce CO2 emissions and water use and improve health of your employees during tagging or packaging process.

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Built to the highest standard

We chose only the best materials and class leading Avery Dennison modules to build Tagson machines. Engineered and built in EU, each machine is made with highest precision and tailored to end-consumer requirements.

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Contract packaging

If you don’t have the time to do the packaging yourself or owning your own Tagson machine doesn’t suit you, send us your products and we will pack them for you in no time!    

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Custom made for you

Each machine we make is prepared individually. This is how we can find the best solution for your packaging production process. Contact us with what suits you best and we will find the right solution for you.


Free testing

If you would like to receive a free sample of your product packed with our machines, contact us and we will prepare a free presentation. Let our engineers lead you trough the process of free testing.

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