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Tagging machine with LONG FINE NEEDLE

Reliability, productivity and speed are together with great ergonomics and accuracy the main attributes of the new pneumatic automated portable tagging machine. With the long fine needle, PS-1/LF is irreplaceable for tagging or packing the finest materials such as socks or gloves, microfiber textiles, towels and carpets.

The very thin needle leaves no holes in the material. Length of the needle (28 mm) gives the opportunity to pack products with thickness from 7 mm up to 25 mm.

Thanks to its compact design and quick activation, the portable automated tagging machine PS-1/LF can be easily integrated into all kinds of packaging lines. Suitable for all socks, gloves and carpet manufacturers who want to simplify their workflow, increase productivity and reduce the costs of packaging.

Each machine is made with the highest precision and tailored to end-consumer requirements. The heart of the machine is powered by an Avery Dennison SPU module which ensures the highest standard of industry quality and reliability. The main module can be changed into any other Avery Dennison module which ensures maximum efficiency. The base of the machine is carefully designed with the best valves, switches, hand-made axis, aluminium rack, stand and PTFE holders.

  • Automated and portable

  • Universal - tag many materials

  • No oil stains or damage to product

  • Made in the EU

  • Save time and energy

  • Increase productivity

  • Only air supply needed

  • 6 months warranty with CE

For tagging

Speed: 2 seconds/cycle

Thickness range: 7 mm – 25 mm



Premium SWISS MADE needle

PS-1/LF has a FINE premium stainless steel 28 mm long needle made in Switzerland.

Portable machine

This pneumatic machine is portable and has an easily accessible sturdy handle.

Energy saving

Only air supply is required to operate the machine. None of the Tagson machines need electricity and are energy-saving.

Avery Dennison module

Install any of the Avery Dennison pneumatic modules to tag all kinds of products and thicknesses.

Compression foot and guides

Compression foot firmly squeezes the product on the working surface adjusted with guides to suit your product size.

Safety control

Two-hand manual safety control in line with the standards of the European Union.

Air gun

PS-1/LF comes equipt with an air gun that helps you keep your working area and the machine clean.

Feed switch

Change the length of the fasteners during tagging. Feed switch safely removes the fasteners



4x faster

PS-1 can greatly improve your tagging process. A comparison between tagging socks with a manual tagging gun and the automated pneumatic machine PS-1 shows a 4 times increase in productivity per hour.

Automation prevents injuries

With the manual method of tagging a lot of human effort is needed to penetrate trough thick layers. Long-term manual tagging can result in muscle inflammation or even surgeries that reduce productivity.

One machine – different solutions

Install any of the Avery Dennison® pneumatic modules to pack all kinds of products and thicknesses. All Tagson machines can be upgraded with other types of modules and applications.


Our engineers have designed a user-friendly machine, easy to operate and maintain. No special training is needed and all maintenance can be done by your staff. No worries – our online service centre is ready to help you 24/7.

European Quality

Tagson machines are built with best quality valves, switches, hand-made axis, aluminium racks and stand, PTFE holders, etc. All parts as well as the machine itself have the CE certificate and are Made in Europe from finest premium materials.

Technical specifications

Tagging application:Yes
Module:Avery Dennison Swiftach SPU2M02
Operating pressure:Air supply, 80 psi (6 bar)
Overall needle length:40 mm
Effective length:28 mm
Tagging thickness range:7 mm – 25 mm
Type of pins/fasteners:Fine Fabric Nylon fasteners
Max speed:2 seconds/cycle
Height adjustments:Yes
Laser marker:Optional
Foot pedal:Optional
J HOOK application:Optional
Needle plate compression:Optional
Machine dimensions:500 x 420 x 720 mm
Overall packaging parcel:600 x 600 x 700 mm
Weight:21 kg

SAM tagging machine big

Custom made for you

Each machine we make is prepared individually. This is how we can find the best solution for your packaging production process. Contact us with what suits you best and we will find the right solution for you.


Free testing

If you would like to receive a free sample of your product packed with our machines, contact us and we will prepare a free presentation. Let our engineers lead you trough the process of free testing.

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