Built to the highest standard

Our machines are designed and manufactured in the EU by highly skilled engineers. All machines are powered by pneumatic modules made by our premium business partner Avery Dennison. Together with Avery Dennison we stand for highest quality, worldwide available supply chain and customer service. Our development department is constantly focused on new trends on the market and based on customer feedbacks, contact upgrades and innovations.


Sturdy aluminium construction
Our engineers chose only the best materials to built Tagson machines. Each machine is made with the highest precision and tailored to end-consumer requirements. We use a sturdy aluminium construction and best quality valves, switches, hand-made axis, aluminium racks and stand and PTFE holders.


Avery Dennison pneumatic module
The heart of the machine is powered by Avery Dennison which ensures the highest standard of industry quality and reliability. The main module can be changed into any other module of Avery Dennison what ensures maximum efficiency.


Energy saving
We stand for energy saving machines which use only air supply. Less electronics brings less failures and working with compressed air gives best efficiency and easy maintenance. For our machines there is no need for special training or complicated maintenance services.


Portable & Universal
Our goal is to offer portable and universal machines taht can tag or pack a wide variety of products. They can be easily transported from one side of your facility to the other to cover the widest variety of your production needs.