SPU5M System 1000

Standard module with 1000 fasteners on a reel

This module by Avery Dennison features a simple adjustment system so it can be used with any of three available needle lengths. It is compatible with S1000 fastenerers. It can be installed on TAGSON machines or any other cradle units.

Using pneumatic Swiftach Power Unit instead of hand tools when tagging or packaging, System Industrial 1000 Module greatly increases productivity as it has 1000 fasteners on a reel – 10 times more than the standard 100 clip reel.

The Avery Dennison® Swiftach® Power Unit (SPU) can make your information attaching, brand identification and packaging operation faster and easier. All Swiftach Power Units are pneumatic, powered by compressed.


Tag 1000 garments without reloading

That is almost twenty times more than ordinary attaching tools. Any operation that measures productivity will gain from the advantages of the Swiftach System 1000 large paddle style fasteners prevent ticket switching and have no waste strip to discard when the operator is finished.


Three types of needles can be used with this tool:

Heavy Duty All Steel Needle
overall length: 34 mm, effective length: 13 mm

Long Heavy Duty – All Steel/Tapered
overall length: 47 mm, effective length: 25 mm

Extra Heavy Duty – All Steel/Tapered
overall length: 59 mm, effective length: 25 mm

    For tagging

    Speed: 2 seconds/cycle

    Thickness range: 7 mm – 25 mm


    Various needle lengths available

    Designed specifically for use with our Industrial S1000 II Pneumatic Hand Tool, SPU5P, these needles come in a variety of lengths enhancing the versatility of the tool itself.

    System 1000 Fasteners

    Reels of 1,000 fasteners - that's up to twenty times more than standard hand attaching tools, which typically accomodate clips containing 50 or 100 fasteners. This system is an efficient tagging solution because the time spent reloading smaller clips of fasteners is eliminated.


    4x faster

    SPU5M can greatly improve your tagging process. A comparison between tagging socks with a manual tagging gun and the automated pneumatic module SPU5M shows a 4 times increase in productivity per hour.

    Automation prevents injuries

    With the manual method of tagging a lot of human effort is needed to penetrate trough thick layers. Long-term manual tagging can result in muscle inflammation or even surgeries that reduce productivity.

    One machine – different solutions

    Install any of the Avery Dennison® pneumatic modules to pack all kinds of products and thicknesses. All Tagson or other tagging machines can be upgraded with other types of modules and applications.


    Avery Dennison engineers have designed a user-friendly machine, easy to operate and maintain. No special training is needed and all maintenance can be done by your staff. No worries – our online service centre is ready to help you 24/7.

    European Quality

    Tagson machines are built with best quality valves, switches, hand-made axis, aluminium racks and stand, PTFE holders, etc. All parts as well as the machine itself have the CE certificate and are Made in Europe from finest premium materials.

    Technical specifications

    Tagging application:Yes
    Module:Avery Dennison Swiftach SPU5M
    Operating pressure:Air supply, 80 psi (6 bar)
    Overall needle length:34 mm / 47 mm / 59 mm
    Effective length:13 mm / 25 mm / 25 mm
    Tagging thickness range:7 mm – 25 mm
    Type of pins/fasteners:System 1000 Fasteners
    Max speed:2 seconds/cycle

    SAM tagging machine big

    Custom made for you

    Each machine we make is prepared individually. This is how we can find the best solution for your packaging production process. Contact us with what suits you best and we will find the right solution for you.


    Free testing

    If you would like to receive a free sample of your product packed with our machines, contact us and we will prepare a free presentation. Let our engineers lead you trough the process of free testing.

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