Ecotach™ – the first 100% biodegradable fasteners in the world

Avery Dennison presents ECOTACH™. Biodegradable (bio-PP) fasteners meet the needs of environmentally conscious retailers, brand owners, manufacturers and consumers who want to reduce their environmental footprint.


Sustainable apparel tagging solution

The Ecotach™ bio-PP fasteners is a first of its kind of innovation in the world and will help to reduce the amount of single use plastic that goes into the environment.

The new bio-PP fastener is made out of a proprietary blend of polypropylene material specifically designed to biodegrade in less than a year once it is on soil, without leaving behind any harmful substances.

The technology used results in no micro plastics so that when a fastener degrades all that is left is a carbon dioxide, water and microbes (biomass).


Did you know 80 billion garments are manufactured each year, 90% of them have a single use plastic fastener, resulting in 72 billion plastic fasteners made every year for the garment industry.



ECOTACH™ bio-PP fasteners break down after 1 year

The images represent the results of the Biodegradability testing of our bio-PP fasteners and were performed by an independent testing agency per ASTM D2565 / ISO 4892-2 under accelerated aging conditions.

Broken down by naturally occurring bacteria.

Nature is able to re engage with the product within the environment via nature’s four agents of decay – light, air, moisture and microbes.

Technology used results in no micro plastics. All that’s left is carbon dioxide, water and microbes (biomass).

Through this technology we can show full biodegradation for polypropylene fasteners within one year of on soil conditions.


Patterned & Certificized
Ecotach™ biodegradable (bio-PP) fasteners has certificate that is 100% biodegradable approved and ISO 14021:2016 compliant.

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