Better packaging

The small and lightweight IndES Elastic Staples™ eliminate excess packaging and reduce the amount of transported material. They increase productivity, save energy and reduce CO2 emission. Better packaging is better for the environment as well as the customer.

Old methods such as blister packs, clam shells and other plastic-covered retail products represent 60% of plastic packaging waste and have a huge environmental impact. New trends indicated by surveys on consumers’ environmental concerns show that 74% of customers prefer to buy products with less plastic and 85% agreed that packaging has some level of importance when purchasing the product.

With the new TAGSON sustainability packaging machine you will reduce plastic packaging waste by 99% and in doing so, you will reduce also CO2 emissions and use the best sustainability packaging on the market. The unique packaging system attaches the item on a cardboard with stretchable elastic staples, and firmly secures it by using less energy and producing less packaging waste while increasing the interaction with customers at the point of sale.


General Survey on Plastic pollution

A survey asking over 800 people what they think about the issues around plastic waste and pollution, and what steps they would be interested in taking to address them, was conducted in April 2018.

Source: EarthWatch Institute



Plastic pollution has got everyone worried

99% of people say they’re concerned or very concerned about plastic pollution



Nine in 10 people want to cut down the amount of plastic they use

91% of people say they’d like to do more to reduce their personal plastic waste



Charges for plastic use shouldn’t be the government’s top priority

49% of people say that tackling plastic waste, the government should prioritise banning unnecessary use of plastic



Businesses need to think about plastics from the very start

33% of people say that in tackling plastic waste, businesses should prioritise reducing the plastic they use in designing and making the packaging

How does using Tagson machines help with plastic pollution? 

Here is a comparisson between different methods of packaging and packaging done by Tagson machines using IndES Elastic Staples. The environmental impact has been done for 1,000,000 units of middle-size products.

Source: Avery Dennison Greenprint

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