Staples & Fasteners

Tagson is premium business partner of Avery Dennison, world’s leader for tagging and labelling solution. With large stock of modules, fasteners, elastic staples and spare parts we are one of the largest suppliers in Europe. With competitive prices and reliable customer service over more than 350 customers trusts our services inside EU as well as in UK, Turkey, Russia, etc.

Elastic Staples 100% Biodegradable

First 0% plastic packs with EcoTach Elastic Staples

Our systems feature fastener lengths ranging from 15 millimetres through 200 millimetres, and tensile grades from standard to heavy duty. Staples are pliable and can stretch for a wide variety of product shapes and sizes. Applications include toys, hardware, DIY tools, sporting goods accessories, kitchen utensils, home textiles and socks.


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Biodegradable Fasteners

100% biodegradable fasteners

The first 100% biodegradable fasteners in the world, now available in FINE & STANDARD. Made out of a proprietary blend of polypropylene material designed to biodegrade in less than a year once it is on soil, without leaving behind any harmful substances.


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