Eco packaging machine

Automated pneumatic packaging machine with built-in IndES® Elastic Staple™ Fastening System (fastener lengths ranging from 15 mm to 200 mm) with either one- or two-needle operation can be used as packaging or tagging method for all kinds of products.


For packaging and tagging

IndES module

Eco-packaging module for various packaging units

The Avery Dennison IndES Elastic Staple System securely fastens items such as hardware or toys to backing cards, improving customer interaction with the product. The strong pliable staples stretch to a wide variety of product shapes and sizes.


For packaging and tagging

Reinforced Backing Solution

Flexible Stapling System Maximizes Packaging Options for Quick ROI

The Reinforced Backing Solution module provides enhanced security and improved tensile strength to packaging when used with the IndES Elastic Staple System.


For packaging and tagging

Elastic Staples IndES

Eco-packaging module for various packaging units

Our systems feature fastener lengths ranging from 15 millimetres through 200 millimetres, and tensile grades from standard to heavy duty. Staples are pliable and can stretch for a wide variety of product shapes and sizes. Applications include toys, hardware, DIY tools, sporting goods accessories, kitchen utensils, home textiles and socks.


For packaging