Taxes on single-use plastic packaging starts 2023

The European Union has introduced a “plastic tax” as part of the EU recovery package necessitated. Reduce plastic packaging weight with our sustainable machines and avoid new incoming taxes for single use plastic packaging.

Spain, Italy and other countries has approved a new tax on single-use plastic packaging that will take effect in 2023.

Imposed on primary, secondary and tertiary plastic, the tax will affect sellers of most industrial and consumer goods.

European plastic contribution

The European Union has introduced a “plastic tax” as part of the EU recovery package necessitated by EU spending as a result of Covid 19 (NextGeneration EU). This “plastic tax” is an own resource to the 2021–2027 EU budget. In fact, it is not a tax but a contribution from the Member States to the EU, based on the amount of non-recycled plastic packaging waste produced by each member state.

All Member States have already agreed to the contribution. This own resource is closely linked to the EU policy priorities.

Started 1 January 2021, the contribution is calculated by the weight of non-recycled plastic packaging waste with a uniform rate of EUR 0.80 per kilogram.

What now?

TAGSON is already one step ahead and we present solution to avoid taxes or minimize new incoming costs on single use plastic packaging. Our new sustainable packaging solution reduce plastic waste to 99% comparing with blister packs. Our plastic consumables are either biodegradable or have 30% recycled plastic meaning you don’t have to pay any single use plastic taxes.

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