Welcome Mini Star: our new tagging machine for you

Our NEW tagging machine can easily fit in every production line. Low price, high quality European materials, energy saving and much faster than tagging with a manual method. Welcome Mini Star.

The year 2020 is marked by the Covid-19 situation. A lot of companies fight against financial issues and investments have been postponed. In this difficult times our engineers and development team decided to design and manufacture a machine which will keep our high quality standards but reduce the price, so that it can be affordable to small and medium production lines.

Mini Star is a tagging machine for all kind of applications: socks, mats, towels, micro fabrics, etc. It is energy saving, it simplifies workflow and reduces production costs. We managed to design a machine in smaller dimensions to also reduce transport costs.


Please contact us and our team will lead you trough testing mode – free of charge.


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